Our Wonderful Outing

Going to Los Banos is one of the events that I will never foget on my entire vacation. Not only because went there with my family but also  because we had a wonderful and happy moments in there. We went there at around 5:00 of the morning, at the 20th day of April. And then we arrived there at around 6:00 of  the morning. After eating our breakfast, we waited for our Tito to come back. And when he come back we went to the  Mount. Maria Makiling and spend our 1 hour just for walking and walking and walking for about  3 kilometers just to reach the top of this mountain,to see house of Imelda Marcos  and  to see the whole view of  the Laguna. And at last we finally reach the top, and because we are tired of walking we decided to go home even that didn’t see the house of Imelda yet. As I said, we were all tired so we also decided to ride with the delivery truck going back again to the bottom of this mountain where my Tito is there waiting for us to come back because he did not join us. And so we finally get to the bottom, and then we look for swimming pools at the UP Los Banos. I think this swimming pool is belong to the Boy Scouts Of The Philippines, but we are not comfortable there so we try to look for the other swimming pool not far from the swimming pool of Boy Scouts, but this pool is far to deep for my two little cousins and for also us. My Tita decided that we must go to the Bato-Bato Resort but the name of this resort that we know has been change it is now called Luisa Ridge Resort and there we spend our whole afternoon just for swimming and eating.And then we go home. But before of that we went first at the campus of  UP and eat our dinner. And after that we go home.

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